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The music style first appeared in the 17th century and is a fusion of music from indigenous, Spanish and African traditions, much like the Cuban son . In Mexico, the music exhibits lots of variation from region to region, both in rhythm and instrumentation. Some of these regional differences include son jarocho from the area around Vera Cruz. . Beautiful bright colors are characteristic of Mexican art, so the more bright and festive the colors, the better—no matter the handicraft or the classroom art project! Patience, attention to detail and a steady hand. Students of all ages and all skill levels can benefit from the creative pursuit a Mexican folk art culture project offers. Mexican Decorations: Colors and Themes. Along the lines of color schemes, traditional Mexican décor tends to use bold color transitions that are opposing on the color wheel. First, the décor uses a subtle and calming earth tone that is inviting to the eye, such as tan, burnt red, and clay colors. These are to reanimate the feel of stone, clay.
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